Sunday, 6 March 2016

100th birthday card

Good morning everyone.

Well yesterday I apologised for the lateness of posting the second set of photos from the CWNW meeting - due - I said - to frustration.

It was frustration over getting the above card made successfully.

I had sat & thought about the design - what I needed for it, what colours I would use, what embellishments I might need & what size to make the card.  So! I got everything out ready to start.

Next Bob & I popped along to Sealand Road for some shopping.  That wasn't what got me frustrated - that was OK.  Back from our shopping, we had lunch & then I settled down to make the card.

The first thing to do was to die cut the panels I was going to use on - or rather in - the card.  I have an E-bosser for this task.  Would it cut into the card?  No it wouldn't.  After many tries & getting the card a bit bent I decided that it was possible the card may be too thick.  So I changed the base card - still it wouldn't cut.  So I turned to my stand in die cutting machine- my Cuttlebug.  It still took several runs through the machine to cut it out fully but at least I did it.  Having found the solution I then had to cut another panel - again it took several passes.

Next part was to cut the coloured backing for the panels.  As that was paper there was no problem.

Then its time to die-cut the "Happy Birthday".  I decided I would cut 2 of these one in card & one in the coloured paper. As the coloured paper was thin I decided to cut the 2 together.  It worked fine until it came to getting the 2 pieces apart.  I had to be very careful due to the thin paper.  Anyway care created success.  I had the idea to have the colour as a shadow to the card version.  When I played with it - I wasn't too keen & also felt it would be very fiddly to stick together.  So I went with just the card piece. Now came the part about the "100". Would I stamp it, or diecut it, or use a peeloff. It ended up being a peel off as I did not have stamp or diecut the right size.

Now I finally had everything made or chosen & could put the card together.  A dry run on the layout showed me that the "Happy Birthday" being in white the same as the base card didn't show up very well. So I decided to heat emboss it in silver - that was fun due to the difficulty in holding it down without knocking the powder off with my fingers.  Still, once again care paid off.

The "100" took a bit of placing down straight - but everything else - the panels, flowers, pearls & "HB"went well & here it is;

My original idea was an offset gatefold card with the panels cut out of the card & the coloured paper behind them. The "getting bent" issue was because I had to put the whole card into the machine & so when it came through the other side it hit the wall & started to bend it.  This is in my mind is the man problem with an electronic die-cutting machine - you cannot put the work part of the way through like you can with a manual machine. Perhaps they need a reverse button on it?  Mind you, you would have to be quick to stop it in the right place.

I have decided that my E-bosser is most probably tired now. Bob & I worked out it is 5 -6 years old & we did - sorry, I did - get it stuck on 2 occasions & Bob took it apart & repaired it.  So perhaps the rollers are not pressing as well as they should.

Anyway before I rush out & buy a new one I am going to have a play tomorrow & see if it just had a bad day yesterday, giving me quite a frustrating day.

I cheered myself up by taking Bob out for a meal in the evening - so by the time we had returned from that I had run out of time to do the Friday post & that's how it became Saturday's post.
Wow! that was a long explanation.  

But after all that - I was very pleased with the card & hope the lady who it is for likes it too.

That's me! 'Bye for now.

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  1. The card is lovely. I have a friend who was 101 recently I took her out for coffee and she told me that she had tried to get into a home in Denbigh, she is losing her sight and hard of hearing and cannot eat solids they turned round and told her they couldn't take her as she was to good and they had never come across anyone like her. She's a legend she lives alone her memory is brilliant and being in her company is a pleasure.


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