Wednesday, 16 March 2016

a birthday card

Hi again everyone

Today I have a photo of the card I made for our grand-daughter who is 20 today. She is a very artistic girl very much like her mother, so it is always difficult to decide what sort of card to make.

Do you remember this?...............

............ it was one of the Brusho demo pieces from the CSNW meeting earlier this month.

I was watching a demo on TV & the person used a die I had been interested in purchasing - the demo sealed it & I bought the die (well its a set of dies) & I made this card;......................

The splat is the aperture created by the die & I placed my Brusho piece under it.  Looks like a splash of paint on the card.  A nice big sentiment & a couple of small coloured pearls & card done!

I am very pleased with this card & I hope she will be too.

That's me - another Christmas card to show you tomorrow.  'Bye for now.

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  1. Love the card Gloria, that die is great :) That photo is still there in the middle of your blog but strangely the words go behind it (making it hard to read, of course) but your photos are on top of it!


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