Saturday, 5 March 2016

CSNW photos - part 2

Good afternoon everyone.

I am sorry I am late with showing the second set of photos from the CSNW meeting - I will explain in the next post.  Nothing serious! Just frustration!

The project that evening was the play with the Brusho Crystal Paints.  Showing you all this technique it seems to have been received well & most of you have enjoyed it.

Here are the photos;

Three very colourful pieces from Gwen. Looking at the top right hand one, now as I write beneath it - I can see a face with flowery hair blowing out behind.
Perhaps I should stay off the medication??????  No - that is what I see.

Grace tried several different approaches in her use of the paints - that rather strange shape on the top right hand piece did at first look like something scary because of the arms. But before the other colour was added it did look a little like a fairy.

I like Clare's orange piece - it looks like a water colour piece, & is that feathers I can see in the top left hand one?

Joan, as always, very prolific in her work. She was the first person to try out the brown paint which was used on the piece on the left of the bottom photo. It has all sorts of colours in it. Also Joan found time to stamp on some of her pieces. Love the rose on the green & purple background.

Ann definitely got quite a bit of movement in her pieces.
There are certainly some aspects of these pieces that could be turned into flowers.

Kate has some great backgrounds here - I particularly like the purple one.
Definitely flowers there especially the red one.

I am glad you enjoyed the technique ladies.

So! what pieces did I produce this time round?

What comments can I make about my own work?
Definitely like the purple splodges - must do something with that. The multi-coloured one at top right I think I could get a butterfly out of that one.

So! now all 3 clubs have tried this technique - I have all these demo pieces to do something with. Hmm! Better get the brain working.

That's me for today - have a great weekend.

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