Thursday, 10 March 2016

e-bosser problems

Good evening ladies
The other day I mentioned my ebosser problems & the fact that I could possibly have to replace it.  I cannot make up my mind whether to go for another one - although they call it the Cut'nBoss now - or to try something different.  The only fact the same is - it must be electric.  So I shall be cogitating on that over the weekend.

This isy he problem I hit;

One corner in all 3 designs have embossed well & the rest of it fades away.  That's how I came to the conclusion the rollers are not sitting in the machine right.

The same 3 folders on the Cuttlebug - much crisper;

It is s frustrating.

 I had started doing some of this embossing to go towards the Christmas cards I have started & a couple of upcoming birthdays. Look at these nice crisp embossed pieces.

Ah well - best to stop moaning & do something about it I guess.
That's me for today -- 'bye.

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