Tuesday, 29 March 2016

embossing folders

Good morning ladies I do hope you all had a good weekend.

Now, embossing folders!  Do you ever have that thing where you suddenly think of something completely out of the blue?  When the thing you have just thought has nothing to do with anything else you were doing or thinking about?

Well last night - something crossed my mind out of the blue.  At the Mold II meeting last Tuesday our newest member Sylvia very kindly gave us, for a raffle prize, an embossing folder that had been a free gift on the front of a magazine she had bought.  She gave it because she doesn't have a Embossing / Die-cutting machine.  We were delighted with the offer - but the thought that came to me last night was - Sylvia could have kept it & used it because .............

it is possible to get a decent impression by using a rolling pin.

So, if you don't have a machine & end up with an embossing folder - try it before giving it away, & what is more let me know how you get on. It has been a while since I actually tried it but I seem to remember the results were fine.  

Actually I think I will test it out in the week & show the results here.

Have a great day.  Bob & I are off to meet up with a friend of his for a meal & a natter.

More tomorrow - 'bye for now.

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