Tuesday, 15 March 2016

just chatting

Hi everyone

I  have been in touch with Blogger Help to see if anyone else is having the problem & if there is a cure? Looking at the photo with the message that appears it looks like the sort of thing that appears on Facebook or You Tube.  So, I am wondering if I have picked something up whilst looking around the Internet.  Even so, I can't quite see how it got into the blog.

I still have the other blogs that I created - I don't do anything with them but they can be looked at. So I check them as well & the only one that gets the message is my old "Ink on my fingers" blog.  The other two are fine. So, as they say, "bear with" & I will keep you informed.  I don't often look at the blog in the way you do - so if you notice that it has gone away please let me know.

You haven't heard from me over the last couple of days because I have been away for the weekend. Bob's work has taken him away for 2 weeks.  Last & This.  So I decided to join him over the weekend as it wasn't worth him driving home for the amount of time he would have here. It is the first tie I have gone for a long drive under my own steam, so to speak, & it was most enjoyable.

Today I made a birthday card for our grand-daughter & I will show you that tomorrow, along with anything else I do.

I hope you all had a good weekend - it was nice to see the sunshine wasn't it.

That's me for now - more tomorrow.  'Bye!

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