Monday, 11 April 2016

update on canvases in Rhyl

Good morning
I have had a text today from Joan of C SNW who sent me the text about the canvases in Rhyl. Joan she doesn't think the canvas comes out of the frame. This is not a problem but just causes a little more thought when working.  In her text Joan said they measured 20cm x 20cm with a 15cm x 15cm canvas.  Putting it into old money that means the canvas area is about 6" square - which is quite a good area to cover - but it would be nice to have a 8" square canvas at least. Of course I will leave it up to each individual as to what size they wish to use.  I will not be governing exactly what you put on your - just guiding you, giving you ideas & showing you how.

Off to do some stamping now - at least once I have made room on my desk!!!!!

'Bye for now.

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