Tuesday, 14 June 2016

a recent card

Good morning everyone.

Going through my box of finished cards, to find one for a birthday, I realised I hadn't shown the Bendy card that I made as a sample for the ladies of CSNW club. It hadn't even got as far as the club photo page.

But coming across it reminded me also that in that meeting we had discussed the back of the card, because of the flap that sticks out through the slit & the tabs from the two side pieces.  It did look a bit untidy.

So I had a think about it & tried out the idea we had come up with.  You will need to make sure you have a matching or complimentary piece of card left over from making your card. Then cut it to slightly smaller than the size of the back piece & apply double-sided foam tape on all 4 sides (make sure you are as close to the edge as possible).  Mount this onto the back & hey presto - no mess showing.

The next test came in ensuring that the tab that was going to slide into that back slit - would still go in. On the first attempt I had to slip my craft knife blade into the slit to open it up a little.  Thereafter I could fold the card flat for posting & then with a little note inside as to how to make it stand - bingo!

It is so good when a plan comes together, as they say.

I have a feeling that Carolyn who is showing the Bendy card to Mold II club this month has created hers all in one piece - so the above will not apply to them.

Here is the card I made.  I used Hunkdory card & papers;

That's me for now.  'Bye.

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