Thursday, 2 June 2016

Just chatting & catching up

Good morning everyone.

Sorry I have not been on since Tuesday, but things have been a little hectic.

Tuesday was a very pleasant day & was rounded off with Bob & I going to Venue Cymru in the evening to see Bill Bailey. We left home fairly early as we had decided to have a meal before the show & to try the little Chinese Restaurant in Penrhyn Bay called - Yeung Sing.  That was the best Chinese meal we have had in a while & we will definitely be returning.

Bill Bailey's show was absolutely great & I haven't laughed so much for a while.  He is very clever - well I think so & Bob & I are both great fans.

The show & the drive back home meant we had a bit of a late night - so I was a little tired the next morning - Wednesday.

During the morning I popped to Asda for some shopping & when I got back felt absolutely worn out. The outcome of which was that at 3:00pm I decided I needed to go to bed for a couple of hours, & very unusually for me I actually slept.

Then in the evening it was time for the CSNW meeting.  So off I set for the drive to Rhuddlan, only to find the A494 absolutely gridlocked.  The Eisteddfod traffic!!  Once I managed to work out how to continue my journey - with a little advice from Bob whom I had to ring - I managed to drive around Buckley & Mold through to Northop to then drop down onto the A55 & make my journey to the club venue.  As I was going to be late I asked Bob if he would ring the centre & leave a message.  He spoke to the Treasurer who said she would pass the information to the ladies.  Only ---- she didn't. So, as I am never late the ladies were a little concerned.  Anyway - the evening went well & I will be writing about it a little later.

So - I am sure you absolutely loved reading all that didn't you???????????/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

'Bye for now.

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