Thursday, 9 June 2016

just chatting

Hi everyone - I hope you are well & holding up under this hot sticky weather.  Mind you they say it is going to change - unfortunately for the wet kind of weather.

Yesterday I did not do any crafting as Bob & I took the day off to enjoy a late lunch with an old friend, who we meet up with about every 6 weeks, which was extremely enjoyable, although not good for the figure.  Still never mind.

Today I had the second of my crochet workshops this week.  Once again I have a really lovely group of ladies in this workshop & especially one quite elderly lady (& I hope I use the term kindly) who really is struggling - but she will not give in.

I note that I am falling a little behind with my update of club pages - so I will put that to rights tomorrow & get as much on there as I can - even if I haven't actually already told you about them.

Another thing I realised today as I was thinking about craft - is the number of ideas I have, some of which get started & never get finished.  Also those where I decide what I am going to do with oddments of demo items, & scraps of paper & card - & they are still sitting in a box. So I am going to go back & take another look at them & get them finished, & hope I don't end up writing another post in about 6 months time with the same things still not finished.

I put the problem down to the fact that every day something pops up that I need to do NOW, something new,  & so the thing that I was going to do - goes on to the back boiler.

Well! that is my excuse.

That is me for tonight.
Sleep well.

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