Monday, 13 June 2016

My workshop project

Good afternoon ladies.

I thought today I would show you the MDF mirror that I decorated in the workshop I attended on Saturday.

The middle section is the mirror & it looks a little funny at the moment as I have not removed the protective covering.

Here are someclose-ups of the squares / Jigsaw pieces;

The 3 pieces like the one on the left in this photo - have been painted in a beige colour that has a hint of green in it.  The decoration is texture paste through a stencil (or mask).

At the moment I am thinking of adding colour too those pieces  using pan pastels to get a delicate colouring.  It will be fiddly as the stencil was Carolines - so I haven't got it to place over the texture paste whilst colouring it.

So if I am going to do it it will have to be when I am feeling very relaxed & steady handed.

I would rather like to do another one using a similar technique as in our mixed media card. But as I am not sure where I am going to put this one - I don't know if I have room for another one.

That's me for today.

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