Thursday, 2 June 2016

Sometimes things don't .............

.............. quite work out as you want them to.

I promise not to continue the theme of the last post - when I basically moaned about my day.  But the day before that I had decided to finish the mixed media topper - or rather start it - from the evening with the Mold II ladies last week.  On last Sundays post when I showed the Mold II photos of their mixed media cards I mentioned I hadn't had time to do mine during the evening & that also I would do mine in pale colours rather than the black finish for a change.

So! I laid out my pieces;

The colours you can see on it are the actual colours of the pieces I used.

My next step was to cover it all with white Gesso;

Things going quite well at the moment.

I then spent a little time thinking about the next stage.  What pale colours was I going to use & what medium would they be in.

For some strange reason I decided on an overall cover of a shade of pink.  Which I arrived at by mixing red acrylic paint with white Gesso.

Mistake number 1

What on earth was I thinking & where am I going to go from here.
Well, I decided to paint the pieces in different colours.

Mistake number 2 & total disaster.

I hate it.

After staring at it for a while I realised one of the things I did wrong was to layout such a symmetrical design.  The nice thing about this technique is the randomness of it.  
So where did my randomness disappear too.

It is now sitting on my desk as a reminder of what not to do.

I am going to produce another one over the next few days & have had the thought that I could use some of my shimmer sprays instead of acrylic paints.  That's the idea anyway.

I thought I would show this to you to just show how easy it is to get things wrong if you don't think them through.

Tomorrow I will have the photos of the CSNW project from Wednesday night.

'Bye for now.


  1. Hi go over it in black like we did at club, see if it turns out ok then.

  2. Hi Rita. Yes, thank you, that thought had crossed my mind, so that the topper & bits & pieces aren't wasted. But I need to leave it for a while first to approach it with a fresh mind.


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