Thursday, 7 July 2016

just chatting

Hello everyone - I thought I would pop in & let you all know what has been going on - especially in light of my urgent message for the CSNW ladies on Tuesday.

Also to give my apologies to the CSNW ladies as I did not make it to their meeting last night.

But before I do I must say a very big thank you to you all for the amazing birthday cards I received. Once again I was very touched by your kindness.

I recently noticed that I was having a problem with my left foot & ankle & over the last week or so it had started to puff up quite badly. So on Tuesday I went to my Doctor who suggested I popped along to A & E to get it checked based on the problem I had 6 years ago.  "Pop along" - now there's a laugh!  We were there six & a half hours!  The decision was that I might have a DVT so as a precautionary measure I had blood taken & given an injection & an appointment for the next day (Wednesday) for an ultrasound.

Yesterday I duly attended for my ultrasound. The lady assured me there was nothing to worry about at the top of my leg - but as my calf was so puffed she couldn't really see the smaller veins. The next step was to return to A & E for referral for the consultants comments.  I was given an ultrasound report to hand in & told they would be expecting me.  Ha! that doesn't mean what it seems to say. Five hours later I saw the consultant. He is sure I have a DVT in the lower part of my leg. So! I have to have an injection every day for the next 6 days.  Have to have is not quite the statement I would use as in fact I have to give myself the injections.  I did more or less do the one yesterday under the supervision of the nurse - but not looking forward to doing it to myself today.  At the end of those 6 days I have to go back for another ultrasound & then to A & E for referral to the consultant again - I just hope its not another 5 hour wait

So ladies there you have it.

As you know I have been "off air" for a little while & now have quite a nice build up of photos to share with you.  I have the photos from the Mold II meeting on 28 June, & a couple of member showcase photos - all of which have to be downloaded to my computer.  Also photographs of my lovely birthday cards which I will have to take over the next few days.

I will be back fairly soon with some of the photos.

I trust you are all keeping well.  Tak soon.


  1. Hi sorry to hear you have not been well.

    1. Thank you Rita.
      I have replied to your email


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