Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Liz from Mold II

Just popping in quickly to say that I went to the Maelor late this afternoon to see Liz.

She was very perky despite being in pain, & was pleased to see everyone who has paid a visit.  Liz thinks she will be in for a while whilst they do various tests & find the best thing to help her.

She explained that whilst talking to one of the staff she was told about a computer in one of the rooms which the patients are able to use.

Having exlained about the club  blog to this kind person & being shown around the computer - she actually left that comment herself, on the post about her being in hospital.  Well done Liz.

I will go back & see her possibly at the weekend or very early next week.

That's me I am off to find somewhere cool in the house to cool down.  I wish our weather would bring this heat in gradually then I could cope.  Still better to have than not have it.  Hopefully this means summer is here.

'Bye for now.

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