Saturday, 23 July 2016

mold photos - part 2

Good morning ladies.

This morning I have the photos of the project from the Thursday meeting of Mold club. The project was the decorated mdf hearts;

Here are their hearts;

Joanna went for a Christmas theme to her heart.  
I have shown the front & back of this one as it has on it some interesting embellishments that Joanna made herself (using stamps).  I think  have persuaded her to show us how they were made. It doesn't actually take a lot of twisting as Joanna is always happy to show us interesting things. 
It will be an extra on one of the meetings.

Maureen's heart has this beautiful butterfly as it's focal point & I just love the colours.
It looks like Maureen also stamped her ribbon!.

Isn't this delicate? Clare covered her heart in some very pale (almost grey patterned) paper & then embellished with flowers stamped on parchment & glitter added to the edges.

Yvonne's heart has a really lovely saying on it & I love the way she has layered the flowers over the darker bases. Beautiful.

This lovely heart made by Rhiannon is going to a couple who are getting married shortly & she has put their names on the little wooden heart embellishments. 
I am sure they will love receiving this Rhiannon.

Janet has decorated her heart with pale glittery embellishments made of die cut hearts.
Hmm! I have just looked at a larger version of this & spotted those little dotty embellishments I will have to find out exactly what they are.
I think we can now officially call Janet the Mold club glitter queen.

They are really lovely ladies & each one so different.  That is what makes crafting so fascinating. Give a room full of people the same idea & watch for all the different versions.

Oops! nearly forgot.  I made one as well but had to finish it at home as I couldn't pick up the pearls I was going to put on it.

I was gong to put that smaller heart in the middle of the middle heart but forgot & started putting the flowers on. The I realised it would fit at the bottom,  Yesterday I stamped the "home sweet home" & added the pearls, & ribbon.  Oh yes & I decided to cover the back as well.

I think it may become a raffle prize at my one of my monthly lunches.

That's me for today. We are off to a 60th birthday party.
'Bye for now.

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