Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Some recent cards

Good afternoon ladies

Sorry to didn't write any post yesterday I had rather a strange day.  Back in April I managed to have a sty appear on my right eye, which vanished a couple of days later. Then on Sunday night there was another one. Yesterday my eye was constantly running & although I managed to sort some things for a 60th birthday card I couldn't use the computer comfortably.

Before I show you the cards I want to mention for the Mold II ladies that I am going along to see Liz later this afternoon at the Maelor. Please go to the post HERE where I told you about Liz being in hospital - as she has added a message.

The 2 cards I have to show you are almost identical & are for a new baby;

My friend Caroline's daughter Amy had a little girl, & consequently Caroline & her husband became grand-parents.  So I thought it only right to do the two cards.

I have a couple more recent cards to show you including the 60th birthday card which I did manage to complete today without too much problem with my still watery eye.

That's me for now.  More tomorrow.

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