Tuesday, 9 August 2016

a request fro Sylvia of Mold II

Good afternoon ladies

Sylvia who is a new member at Mold II got in touch with me & asked if I would be able to put a poster on the blog about a coffee morning she is involved with.

Well! This is your blog - so I said yes.  Here is the poster & after the photo there is a letter from Sylvia about the cause;

Here is the letter;

"The reason the Histio UK charity is so important to my family is because when my grandson was 20 months old he spent 3 weeks on life support followed by 40 weeks of chemo after suffering an illness called Haemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). It is so severe that if not caught within 3 weeks is invariably fatal - thanks to Alder Hey for recognising it.

Ironically he went into oncology 4 years ago yesterday (my birthday!). He is now in remission  but there is no timescale on when or if it will come back.

The only 'cure' at the moment is a highly risky bone marrow transplant so getting other treatments is vital. There is a 3 year old girl from Colwyn Bay currently undergoing a transplant for the illness and a young man from Flint who is now 15 has developed cancer (it's been in the local paper) and has had to undergo very intense chemo and is now in America for further treatments after suffering this illness when he was young.

Once again thank you so much. We have another coffee morning on October 7th at the same place.




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