Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Just chatting

Hi everyone - I have just got in from the Mold II club night & what a very nice evening we have had.

Tomorrow I will have photos from the evenings Show & Tell and Project.

Betty had brought in a couple of bottles of Schloer in order for us to give a toast to Liz in her memory.  There will be about 6 or 7 of us going to the funeral on Thursday - so we will be well represented.

For myself I have been preparing samples of rubber stamping in its various forms as I am giving a talk to a WI  in September. It is almost impossible to know what to show & what to leave out given the amount of time I have on the evening.  Also taking time to go through the things I have in boxes for samples.  It is easy enough to take lots of cards that I have received but of course I don't hold on to much of the work I do myself.  But I found some quite interesting things that had been put away.

Well it is nearly my bedtime so I will say goodnight now.

Sleep well.

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