Sunday, 21 August 2016

mold photos - part 2

Good morning ladies

Today I have the second set of photos from the Mold meeting last Thursday & they are of the project for the evening - the fold over box.  I only took the photo from the top - perhaps I should have stood them on something as well so that the sides could be seen, as most were in contrasting papers. Everyone decided to make the smaller version;

I watched as Rhiannon carefully cut out these flower embellishments from a sheet of paper. Lovely finish to the box Rhiannon.

Maureen has a stylised flower stamped into the centre of her box lid - very delicate.

Joanna hadn't finished her box, that flower compliments the backing paper really well.

Mair's paper choice really didn't need embellishment - it is beautiful. I don't know if Mair is going to add something to it later.

Janet has decorated her pink box with a lovely die-cut butterfly AND because she is our glitter queen some glitter ribbon & there was also some glitter on the edges of the box.

Lynn's Black, Grey & White choice of paper is really elegant.  A good choice to hold a gift for a man.  I mentioned not showing the sides - this one had a nice geometric pattern with the stripes.

I think the ladies rather liked this box & I hope they will want to make more at some time.

I have a member showcase to show you which I will probably write up later this afternoon.
'Bye for now.
Have a good Sunday.

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