Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Having a play

Good afternoon ladies

I have had a play day today - well, a few hours this afternoon actually - but it almost amounts to the same thing.

When I popped into the craft shop in the garden centre yesterday I am afraid some new dies caught my eye & what do you know I bought them - couldn't resist them.  So this afternoon I had a practice die-cutting session with them to see just how they would come out & what I thought I would be able to do with them.

Here they are;

The first one is just an ordinary little hexagon die - but I can think of lots of ideas for it.
It actually embossed the edge quite well with just the one pass through the machine to cut it.

Just look at that die!  I cut it out of some grey card I have to see it "in the flesh" so to speak. The 3 little circles are actually a separate die.  Lots of ideas for this one.

Then there is the floral cascade.  Again I just cut it from grey card to see what it looked like. You do end up with about 5 varying sized flowers as well. - Some of them are "behind" other flowers so you lose part of one of their petals - but they could still be used.

This next die was not one from the craft shop in the garden centre.  I bought in the craft shop in Llandudno about a week ago.  It is absolutely perfect for my brothers 70th birthday card.  He has one in his lounge.

It a juke box & it cuts beautifully plus the bits fall out so easily too.  Now all I have to think of is the colours I am going to use.  Oh & I suppose what size card I am going to put it on too.

That's my chat for today - I hope you are all finding time to play too.

'Bye for now - more tomorrow.

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