Monday, 5 September 2016

Having some me time

Good evening everyone - what a lovely day it has been.

Bob & I decided to go for a drive today & had a beautiful drive around the countryside.  We were going to go along the coast road  but there was some massive hold up at Flint so we made a detour which took us up onto the A55.  Not what we had wanted.  A decision was made to go into Llandudno & have some lunch & then take a country route home.  We had a very nice lunch & I managed to grab a few moments to pop into the craft shop - now called CraftAge.  Our daughter in law (Gareth's wife) works in Llandudno for the British Heart Foundation so we popped in & said hello to her.

The drive back was really lovely & we covered quite a few weather changes - that is what makes this country so beautiful.

Anyway - over the weekend I gave myself some me crafting time.  Having got everything ready for my talk on Wednesday evening I turned my thoughts to canvases.

There were a few teething troubles with ideas I had.  The first one came after treating the canvas & then adding some colour by using Brushos.   Then when it was dry I laid down a layer of matt medium to allow me to add more colour over what was already there.  But I forgot - didn't I - Brushos are water based so they moved beneath the medium.  Although once it was dry I now have a rather attractive delicately randomly coloured canvas.  It is sitting on my desk for me to think about a little more.

I also pulled out a 4" square canvas I decided to do some stamping on this canvas.  I had an idea to do something with butterflies.  The colouring of the canvas went well - it is one with a deep wooden frame & also there is only a small opening at the back so not much unsupported canvas. I had chosen a silhouette stamp of plants & small butterflies & also the fact that I would stamp it directly onto the canvas.

Next teething trouble - the image did not stamp well despite the firmness of the canvas - only the outer edges had stamped. As I had already decided to use a verse about butterflies & stamp it on tissue paper with Stazon  I also choose  to stamp the silhouette garden in the same way.  I played around for a while with the layout & working out the best way to get both pieces of stamping on there. Having made my decision the verse was adhered to the canvas & then the garden stamp.

This brought about the next teething trouble. I didn't quite get the garden positioned as I wanted it - but managed to lift it & lay it again. Unfortunately it overlaps the bottom line of the verse & I smudged the y of quietly.

But not to worry - I had to start somewhere & lots of things were learnt in that session.

Here is the photo of the little canvas as it has ended up looking;

I have quite a few of these little canvases - so I will try again.

That it is me for today.
'Bye for now.

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