Friday, 9 September 2016

my WI talk

Good afternoon ladies

I am sorry there was no blog written yesterday - but Bob & had a day out meeting up with a childhood friend of his, which we do every couple of months.

On Wednesday evening I did my talk to the WI group.  They had been on a summer break & that evening was their first one back - so there was quite a lot of business to cover before my talk.  They only had little tables to work on so the planned great layout I had decided on did not take place & I practically worked out of my bags.  Fortunately my demos that I had prepped were all in order in a box so it was easy to work.

They were a lovely group of ladies & most receptive of my work - & of yours as well, as I had taken my birthday cards that I had received this year with me to show different styles of stamping.  When doing a talk like this I always choose shrink plastic to close & I have a particular stamp I use.  The Ladies absolutely loved this part of the demo.

So I came home a happy lady.

Today, before putting everything away I laid the items I had prepared onto my dining room table & took photos to show you.  The only item I don't have a photo of (which was stupid of me) is the candle, as I gave that to the group for their special raffle.  They help raise money for Kentigern House.

Here are the photos;

These are the different cards I made showing different stamping processes.
In it you can see 2 stamps that I used with shrink plastic. At the demo I only used the Teddy.
Ca you see the really tiny one on the table?

This is a close up of just the shrink plastic items.

Then these were the non-card stamped items that I took along.
Hmm! the flower spray doesn't show up all that well - I will photograph it on its own & put it on the blog later.

The plan had been that at the end of the demo the ladies who wished to could come up & have a dabble - but because they had so much business to cover at the beginning we ran out of time. So, I said if they were interested in a little session I could sort something out.

Right - that is me for today, more tomorrow.
Have a great weekend
'Bye for now.

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