Sunday, 11 September 2016

recent cards

Good afternoon ladies.

I thought I would show you some recent cards I have made - they are in fact the ones that I made for the WI talk I gave.  You were able to see them in the display photos I posted on Friday. The photos are in the order of my demonstration, & I demonstrated how I had created the card before holding it up & passing it around for them to see closer;

This was the first card & I used it to show how I made background papers, in this instance using Card-io stamps.
It also gave me the chance to talk about embossing folders & of course the different colouring mediums, & how different a card looks when it is layered like this.

This card was to show Clarity Stamps designs & pattern making & of course variegated inks.
I also used this card to talk about stamping flower shapes & creating multi-layered flowers.

This card was to show the use of the stamp positioner.
Those eagle-eyed amongst you will spot that I still didn't get it right every time.

This card allowed me to show the large stamps that are around & how a card can be made using just one of these stamps.  Of course it was also my big introduction to heat embossing.

Having introduced heat embossing I then showed this stamp which of course I actually stamped n Versamark. So, at first nothing could be seen - except by the lady sat virtually next to me who saw the slightly wet design on the black card.
As well as the white embossing I also used white puffy stuff which looks like toothpaste in the bottle - but, as it says in the name - puffs up with the use of the heat gun.  I also used a tiny amount of white glitter.
The layout of this card also gave me the chance to talk about die-cutting.

When I used to give regular talks & demos I always finished with a stamp using shrink plastic & this stamp is my favourite one to use.
I had several of them to pass around - lus a couple of an elegant old car that I had shrunk.

I had to have a couple of smiles to myself as when I was describing the embossing / die-cutting machine one lady said - "Oh! just like the old mangle".  Well - she is right isn't she?  But not so much fun as die-cutting.

Another smile was brought about by the lady who gave the vote of thanks.  She said some really nice things but closed by saying that she felt that "the cruelty to teddies should be investigated".  That comment came about because right at the end in order for him to lay flat I rather heavily put the wooden stamp block on him.

That's me for today I hope yoour weekend is ging well.

'Bye for now.

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