Thursday, 13 October 2016

a recent card

Good afternoon ladies

For a while now I have been talking about working out how things are done & writing up the notes & how long it takes for new projects for you. Then testing the notes to make sure they make sense & that the project comes out as it should do.

I know there are still a couple of meetings left in 2016 but I do have to start looking forward into 2017 & recently I chose to show you a couple of projects that I had in mind for early 2017. I thought it would be nice for you to see what is coming up.  But I do have, what I hope you will see as a polite request ............ please have patience for the club night.  Please don't start making them (if you spot somewhere where there are instructions), & then come to the meeting already done. It's a little frustrating. There are lots of tutorials around & I have looked at most of them & managed to simplify as  much as possible.

So I hope you understand.  Anyway here is my card, & I will be putting it on the future projects page as well, as the one on there is a "stolen" photo.  Slap my wrists!

This is the outside
this is the inside

I have used some ready toppers but I have also stamped on it as well.

I hope it has whetted your appetite. We will probably do this at the first 2017 meeting.

That is me for today I am off to do some more crafting - hope to have more photos for you tomorrow.


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