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Canvas Workshop - 22 October

Good afternoon ladies

Well! what a great workshop that was.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself & yet I didn't actually do any crafting.  I just showed some things then kept an eye on everyone.

The CSNW ladies were joined by Graces' sister Amy & also by 2 members from Mold club - they were Lynn who brought her friend Jan along with her & Rhiannon whose sister Gretta came as well.. Sadly one of the CSNW ladies Joan - had been taken poorly & had to cancel.  We missed your company Joan & hope you will soon be fit & well again.  Hope to see you at club on  2 November.

Here is the group hard at work

Look at all their craft stuff under the tables.  I did give out quite a comprehensive list of things that would be needed & also stated that I would be bringing loads with me as well.  But I have to say quite of a few of you ladies at the workshop came complete with Gesso.  So, initially I was a bit worried you already knew what to do.

As I do at club nights I popped their names onto a piece of paper to put alongside the canvas so that I would remember which canvas belonged to who.  As it turns out because they were each so unique I could remember very well.

I might place a little comment against them - perhaps just pointing out something special - seeing as I watched all of these come together. 
(Added after I had finished writing ...............In fact as I went down the photos I found I couldn't help but say more - sorry) 
It was one of my canvases (a quite dark brown black one that got the ladies fancying a workshop. I didn't push that style I just let everyone follow their own ideas & so some are light colours & some are dark colours.  I think they are all fantastic & I am sure you will all agree.  Twelve ladies, twelve canvas boards & that is where the similarity ends - see for yourselves;

Amy - great contrast of black & red makes this canvas pop, it included stamping & some really different textures.  The mesh contrasting well with the lace.

Ann made a great use of different textures & using a basic 2 colour scheme works really well. Love the two different stencils used with the texture paste & then gilded.  A lot of movement in this one.

Clare - I know she won't mind me saying - this is Clare to a "T".
The colours, crispness & simplicity. Clare worked for quite a while with the paints to get the green colour she wanted & I think she has got pretty close. It really is a pretty shade & compliments the cream & kraft colours really well.

Elvena - some more great textures on this canvas. In the bottom right hand corner, that is a lightweight fabric & the top is a scrunched up piece of  tissue.  The fabric has hardened with the use of the medium to make it stick & contrasts well with the more metallic elements.

Gretta - lovely soft colours with just the right amount of bling added. The clever idea on this one was to create her words out of other shapes as well as actual letters. The lacy butterfly also has been outlined with a fine glittery thread.

Grace - another clean & crisp design, also generally associated with Grace's work.  As you can see some stamping done on this one as well.
Including stamping on a canvas is easier when you are sticking to a lighter palette. The word Dream is just lacced on there at the ment while Grace decides exactly where she prefers it.

Jan had decided on a nautical theme for her canvas & had come prepared with the shells, anchor & die-cuts resembling seaweed. Lots of texture & the flimsy fabric treated with medium to help it glue to the canvas & gain some strength. Using texture past through a round stencil & adding the buttons gave the bubble & sea feel to this canvas, especially with the light covering of blue paint.

Kate was completely unsure of what she wanted to do, but once she get going it all came together well. The black & gold, again making a striking contrast,  Leaving the birdcage door open was a great creative idea. So Kate - first attempt at anything like this - I hope you are pleased with the result.

Lynn - here is me being cheeky again - Lynn is known for getting mucky (in a good way I must add) & the result is this beautiful canvas.  It is a black base & then the blue, purple colours added. The large flower going off the canvas in the top corner is stunning (I don't think the photo does it justice). Then the three smaller flowers in the other corner really takes your eye through the design.

Gwen's canvas is another crisp clean design, but look closely at those embellishments - it is a bit steam-punk style.  I am a bit into steampunk at the moment & for me on this canvas it's the paperclip that is hanging in the bottom left corner.  Some great textures created not only with texture paste but with embossed papers.

Rhiannon.  Well the approach to this one is just so different & I love it.  Until I saw this one I don't think I would have thought about just swiping the paint across from the sides. It is s atmospheric.  ( I hope that is the word I want)  Lots of different textures on it as well - great canvas.

Ruth.  Now Ruth came to the workshop with a definite idea in mind.  She wanted a seascape for her bathroom (I think that's the room she said).  As you can see she came well prepared with shells & drift wood collected from the beach which she used to make her boat.  As it was being put together she came up with the idea to place the canvas type fabric on to make sails.  The seagulls are made from 2 shells. The background is tissue paper for the sky & shredded paper for the sea. Brilliant - it almost looked like an oil painting.

So not only 12 different canvases - but 2 different seascape canvases.

There you have it ladies.
Fantastic work  - all of you have inspired me for another canvas - if I take a leaf out of every book - so to speak - I wonder what sort of canvas it would turn out to be.

That's me for now.  I hope your weekend is going well.

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