Friday, 7 October 2016

csnw photos - part 2

Good evening ladies & a very late evening it is.

This morning I got lost in sorting out the instructions for a card I will be showing you in the new year but will also be showing to my 3-lady group" (as it has become known) in a few weeks.  I had found some really good instructions but decided I could simplify it a little more, which I managed to do.  By the time I had done that & tried the instructions out to see that it worked it was time for me to grab a quick lunch & pop down to the garden centre for a stamping workshop.

Then as you wile appreciate it is time to cook the evening meal & settle down for the evening.  Oops, during watching a programme on the tele I thought to myself................ I haven't blogged the other photos.  So! rather belatedly here I am.

The photos are of the project for the evening which was Carolyn's (of Mold II club) Z-fold card.

Here are the photos;

Elvena thought about the paper she would use before she came to the meeting & realised she had just the right things for it.  Aren't those owls gorgeous.

Ann chose very delicate colours for her card.  The honeysuckle on the front is beautiful & those lacy butterflies altogether make a very delicate card

I love this very delicate shade of blue with the white embellishments on it by Grace.  The card is not finished yet - & I hope that Grace will bring it back next month.

What a lovely shade of green these papers are & once again Ruth has not finished the card & will bring it back next time for another photo.

Gwen also has chosen delicate background paper for her card which still has to be completed.

I love the natural tones of Clare's card - really lovely

Look at that cute hedgehog on Joan's card & what a lovely shaded of pink

This style of card suits just about every requirement or occasion.  So once again another big thank you to Carolyn of Mold II club who brought this style to us.

Carolyn, every club & also my 3-lady group at the garden centre have absolutely loved this card. Thank you very much.

After showing the ladies how to make this card I too got settled into making some.  I took along with me the basic card & the strips & about 4 different sets of papers for decoration.  Whilst the ladies were making their cards I sat & cut out the papers required to make a card, then popped them in a cello bag & cut out another set.  By the time the evening was over I had 3 precut sets of papers, so that over the weekend I can put together 3 cards.  I used all Christmas papers - so I will have 3 Christmas cards made, plus I also have 3 other paper packs to make 3 more cards over the weekend.

Now - this is a message for the CSNW ladies.  I need to look at our booking for our meetings, because when I thought about how many of you had not been able to complete your cards I figured there was something wrong.  It is the timing of the meeting.  so next meeting or possibly at the canvas workshop we need to discuss this.

So there you are ladies - the work of the CSNW  club.

The weekend is with us once again - have a great time.
'Bye for now.

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  1. Hi Ladies, I'm very pleased that you've all enjoyed this Z-fold card style. For me it's up there with the stepper card and pop up card styles, the type we go to again and again for inspiration. I wish could claim it as my invention but it was something I'd seen on a blog! Carolyn


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