Sunday, 9 October 2016

just chatting

Good evening ladies & it's another late evening.

I have spent quite a bit of time today writing up notes for various projects that are in the pipeline - it's amazing how quickly the time goes when doing this.

First I wrote the notes in draft form.  Then I tested them to make sure they made sense & obviously that they worked.  Little tweaks had to take place then the notes changed accordingly.

Now to make a proper sample.

Yesterday I spent a very pleasant couple of hours with one of our daughters in law.  She has asked me to make a special card for her mother's birthday as it is a special birthday this year.  So we popped over to Burley Dam garden centre & craft department for her to look at paper & card & embellishments etc.

I thought it would be easier for her to get a feel of what she wanted if she saw it laid out in the shop. Much easier than rooting through my boxes.  So we got several pieces then back home I showed her some photos of designs on the Internet to see what she liked.  After a little viewing & popping to & fro between a ouuple of designs she made her choice.  I have until mid-November to get this card made.

On the way back from the garden centre we popped around to her house & picked up our son then later in the evening we popped out for a bite to eat.  Very pleasant day.

I did weaken in the craft shop & did buy some stamps & a die.

I hope you all had a good weekend.

More tomorrow.  'Bye for now.  Sleep well.

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  1. It's very much appreciated Gloria - the amount of time it takes to prep a class in unfathomable to most :)


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