Monday, 17 October 2016

just chatting

Hi everyone
Just taking a rest from preparing things for the workshop on Saturday so thought I would pop back in for a chat.

After the previous post I did pop outside & photograph my rowan tree;

Here it is


a couple of close ups of the masses of berries.
Pretty isn't it.

At the weekend when Rita sent me the photograph of her card that was featured in a recent magazine she commented that I should send in a photo of the new home card I made for our daughter.  I haven't sent things to magazines in years.  After a little thought I decided I would give it a try - so we will see what happens.

Yesterday I had rather a frustrating craft session - I wanted to use a die I had bought from Crafters Companion.  It is one of their Edge'ables dies & is called Bethlehem.  Three times I tried to cut it & three times it really stuck in the die & therefore did not come out clean.  Also the embossing was non existent.  So this morning I shot off an angry email to them - so again - I wait to see what they say;

The bottom image is the die cut.  Laid like that on a piece of card it looks ok in the photo - but the 2 end palm trees are torn & other parts are distorted.  The top image is the die with all the residue in it & you can see where part of the image is still in there as well.  Those pieces are so difficult to get out I have just left it on the side thoroughly fed up & annoyed.

Right, that's me for today.


  1. Have you tried waxed paper on top of die under your paper.It seems to work on tricky ones.

    1. Hi Sheelagh. Thank you for mentioning the waxed paper. No, I haven't tried it yet. I will give it one more chance & if it doesn't work with the waxed paper I think it will have to go back. Gloria.


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