Thursday, 27 October 2016

mold II photos - part 2

Good afternoon ladies.

This session I have the second set of photos from Tuesday night's Mold II meeting & they are of their project for the evening - which was discovering the technique of Bokeh with Joanna from Mold club.

There are quite a lot of photos to show you - so depending on your system - these could take a little while to load.  Although having said that I think most computers these days are much better at handling this sort of load.

Elma used some lovely pastel colours then added the flourish & words in black.
She also created a nice layered card with it.

Christine made 2 lovely backgrounds & added the angels to one of them.  Also Christine chose to use the edge masking technique to create the white border around her pattern.

Betty created 2 cards & also used the masking tape to create the white border. Silhouette stamps really work well with this background

Annette also created 2 backgrounds & layered them onto cards.
I think the nice thing about this background technique is that you have a really nice card even just using the sentiment on the front.  Cards don't always need an image.

Dot added some coloured circles to her piece - I like that finish too, but haven't tried it myself yet.
As you will see as we go down the photos that a couple of other ladies tried it too.

Another delicate background - this time from Carol & layered onto a card.  
I love the flowers in the lady's hair & that stamp is gorgeous?

A trio of cards from Carolyn n really delicate colours.  
I really like the finish with the dark circles that Carolyn has put on the middle one.

Three totally different looks from Helen.  
This technique can be so versatile. 
 Again the dark circles over the background have been used.

Four little designs from Phyllis along with a larger one clearly showing the circles.
I like the way the colours show through the circles & how they nestle against each other.
A bit like bubbles floating away.

Pretty lilac based colours from Elizabeth & a lovely completed card.  
The topper has such a lovely soft muted finish.

I think Rita took to this technique - like a duck takes to water.  
A total of six - yes six pieces & they include the white circles & the coloured circles as well.
I really like the calendar Rita - such a good idea.

Two lovely delicately coloured samples from Sue. I particularly like the bottom one.

Have you noticed that it doesn't matter what colours were used, the designs all popped when layered onto black card.  The black layer complements & helps the image & sentiment really stand out.

A big thank you to Joanna for showing everyone this technique - it was another well received project by everyone at both Mold clubs.

That is me for now.  I have a member showcase to prepare & also one from a members daughter.

'Bye for now.

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  1. It makes me so happy to see all the beautiful samples the ladies produced - varied and yet all lovely.

    I also want to say a big thank you for the wonderful welcome I got (and always get) from the group, and the way you appreciate what I have to show you makes it all so worthwhile, thanks :)


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