Friday, 21 October 2016

Mold photos - part 1

Good afternoon ladies - sorry I didn't get back to write a post yesterday after all, & what was my closing statement on Wednesdays post - "so must remember to take my camera"

Yes! you've guessed - I forgot.  So last nights photos were taken on my mobile

Here are the first set of photos from Mold clubs meeting last night & they are of their show & tell cards - where the theme was a card for a child;

What a great little football card Joan has made - I love the word stamp - "footie boy"

Maureen chose a pirate theme for her card. I like the pirates cat complete with hat & the buttons /or brads along the bottom with a pirate theme.

Sheelagh used the recent z-fold design for her card. What a fun card. 
Look at all those little faces looking out of the train.

Two views of Rhiannon's card - one flat & one stood up.  She has put a Roald Dahl theme into a pop-up box.  Great card.

Joanna's card haslots of butterflies & lilac/pink shades.  Just right for a little princess.

Lynn made a great candle card (which I wrongly called a birthday cake card).
Looking at the photo I have just noticed the pull tab.
Did any of the ladies pull it.  What did it do?  Lynn do you want to pop in & tell me.
Have you got a photo of it after the tab has been pulled  - that can be sent to me?

What a great set of cards ladies - there should be some very happy children around.

As I am out all day tomorrow I may pop back later with the second set of photos from the meeting.

Have a lovely weekend however you are spending it.
I am looking forward to the workshop tomorrow, can't wait to see what work will be created & I promise I will NOT forget my camera.

'Bye for now.

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  1. I pulled the tab and all the candles popped up, a lovely surprise. Rh


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