Saturday, 12 November 2016

a birthday card

Good evening ladies I do hope your weekend is going well!

Today I have the photos of the 80th birthday card I have made for a friend of ours. He works with Bob & when he was 60 I made his birthday cake.  It just doesn't seem 20 years ago.

I used this great little train die to decorate the front of the card as he is very interested in trains. Initially it looks like a fun card.  The background on the front panels I downloaded from Google after asking for royalty free backgrounds of landscapes.
I didn't have a card to fit the die-cuts so had to make one to suit.  I resized the landscape background then cut it in half so that when the card is closed the landscape is continuous.

This is the background on the main section of the inside.  He is also very keen on the Flying Scotsman - so once again Google & royalty free images came to my rescue. 
I just had to resize it to fit my card.
The photo of the Flying Scotsman is when it made its recent appearance after being restored.

I do hope he likes it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  'Bye for now.

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