Friday, 4 November 2016

csnw photos - part 2

Good morning ladies - today I have the photos of the project from Wednesday nights CSNW club meeting.

The project was the Bokeh technique which Joanna of Mold club had earlier shown both Mold clubs. Looking at the results Joanna I don't think I did a bad job of explaining it to these ladies.

Here is their work;

Two backgrounds from Elvena.  That top one is really bright but works just as well as the lighter shades.  This technique really suits these silhouette stamps & especially those that create a scene.

Clare's choice of blue base card really compliments the background as there s a slight hint of pale blue in it.  The pieces have not been glued down - but laid out like that for Clare to see how she would finish it.

Joan created 3 gorgeous backgrounds that just suited those little harvest mice.  I like the touch of the black circle for the moon above them.  The stags & foliage look good too.

Kate went for 2 different finishes after creating an interest pink & creamy background.  I think there is more going on the lower piece as it only has the lantern so far.

For her 2 backgrounds Ruth borrowed my oval template & it seems to have worked very well. Both backgrounds are very delicate.

Gwen has used my favourite combination - pale blue & lilac shades.  Just ideal for that foliage 
(the name of which I cannot remember)

Grace also made 2 backgrounds & they are already stuck on the black card ready for cutting.
Sorry, but you will have to turn your head to better see the one with the butterflies on.

Two delicately coloured backgrounds from Ann.
 I wonder what is going to go on the bottom one - love the butterfly & foliage on the top one.

Another successful technique found & learnt.  I know this will be appearing on cards in the future.

That's me for today - I am going back to the Christmas cards I started yesterday,

Good heavens!! - It's another weekend.  Have fun.


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