Wednesday, 16 November 2016

just chatting

Good afternoon everyone

Today I have been busy making the various lucky dip Christmas cards for the 3 North Wales clubs & we also exchange them at HSNW - so 4 in total to make. Two are actually made & the pieces are waiting to be put together for the other 2.

Tomorrow is the final meeting for this year of the Mold club & we are having another visit from Carolyn of Mold II club to show us the lovely frame card.

It is so hard to imagine that the year is almost over.  I hope you have enjoyed the various things that were organised for your meetings & that you will also like those I have started organising for 2017. Don't forget to come forward with ideas for me, please.

Right - I had better get back to my card making & then put together the paperwork for tomorrow night & prepare the club box.

'Bye for now.


  1. Looking forward to tomorrow - don't forget your camera ;)

    1. Only just spotted this this morning (Friday).
      I didn't forget did I!


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