Saturday, 19 November 2016

mold photos part 2

Good morning ladies

Gosh another weekend is here - I hope you have some nice things planned. Tomorrow Bob & I are off to Birmingham to see the Lipizzaner horses from the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. It is something we have both always wanted to see.

Back to today & I have the photos of the Mold club project from Thursday nights meeting.  We were once again joined by Carolyn of Mold II who showed us how to make the Frame Card.

In all the photos there is a slight shadow at the top - this is due to having to photograph them laid flat & the light caused the frame to put a shadow there.

This is Yvonne's card with that lovely "Me for you" bear on it obviously enjoying the snow.

Some beautiful floral decoupage from Clare on her card - very delicate.

Joanna's card absolutely bursting with poinsettias - it's almost a present.

Mair's really pretty clean & simple card. I like that the flowers are in the box as well as on the outside.

Rachel's card has that lovely Christmas sweater from her show & tell in it.

Maureen used this stunningly beautiful & colourful butterfly decoupage on her card.

Lynn also had impact colours on her card & I love the way that floral decoupage fills the corner.

This card from Joan is so delicate I love the pale blue colours & again the embellishments have been brought to the outside as well.

From Janet a many layered decoupage picture & some really gorgeous snowflakes.

I love the way that Sheelagh has draped the foliage die cuts around the fame pulling the eye into the decoupage in the centre

Rhiannon has used one of the little "Gorjuss" images in her frame in a delicate shaded of lilac.

The effect of the cards standing all together on the table was quite stunning, so I took a photo of them in 3 batches & then tried merging them to make one photo.  It doesn't quite work out as a couple of them overlap a little into the next photo - but I think you will get the idea.

Thank you once again Carolyn for a great evening - the ladies really enjoyed this project, which I think shows in the results.

I did make a card during the evening but it is lost between the centre photo & the right hand photo so I will show it here now;

I really like this project & have already cut out the card to make another one.  Thank you Carolyn.

Right! that is me for today.  I won't have the time tomorrow or blogging - so I will be here again on Monday.
Have a great weekend


  1. So good to see them here - I never get a chance to look at them on the evening :) There's some beautiful work.

    1. I think that problem has to be put right in the new year Joanna. Either before or after I take the photos for everyone to hold their cards up for everyone else to see.


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