Tuesday, 15 November 2016

putting samples together

Good morning everyone.

Sorry I have not been around for a couple of days - but I had the special birthday card for Nadine's Mum to finish & it needed a box & an easel as well.  Then of course I had to make one for Bob &  to send to her - so time just whizzed by over the weekend. I will be able to show you the cards at the end of the month.

Also I have taken a very short break from Christmas cards, to sort out some of my sample pieces & put them together for cards. This also means I will return to Christmas cards a little refreshed.

This is how one of my play pieces, from the Bokeh technique at the Mold II meeting, came together;

I have other pieces still to use as well.

Then I also have the samples worked for & at my workshop in the garden centre.  That day I was showing the ladies the Folk Art technique that you had been shown by Rita of Mold II club;

This one is the sample I worked beforehand to show the ladies.

These 2 were worked at the workshop. Now all I have to do is decide on how I am going to use them on a card.

This afternoon Bob & I are off to meet up with an old friend of his. Something we do about every 2 months.  So no crafting will be done this afternoon.

I hope you are all well & that your Christmas card making is going well.  That is me for today - 'bye!

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