Thursday, 15 December 2016

a couple more cards

Good evening ladies.
Well, I braved the local shops this afternoon for some bits & pieces .... I really do not enjoy shopping much these days, which doesn't sound full of Christmas spirit does it?
I picked up the last of the Christmas presents I had to buy & also sent a large pile of cards.

By the way are you aware that the Post Office (that's the shops - not the Royal Mail - which is the post) are going on strike from Sunday 19th for a week.  (Edited after posting - that should read Monday 19th)  So make sure you go to the Post Office for anything you need before Sunday.

I thought I would underline that paragraph to make it stand out.

Here are 2 of my recent cards on which I used dies & embossing folders;

I really like this embossing folder - but I did use it for some of my cards last year - so this is probably its last outing for a while.

Despite some very frustrating attempts to use this Crafters Companion die I finally managed to get one image cut & embossed.
So this will probably get used again next year.

I still have some more to show you - so I will do that tomorrow.
That's me for today - bye for now.


  1. You've been showing us lots of lovely cards recently, nice job :) I recently purchased some Crafters Companion dies and am finding them quite poor at cutting out. I'm having to run them through the machine several times, add shims here and there and spend ages cleaning them up once I do get them cut. Not really too happy with them at all.

  2. Hi Gloria
    Hope this is the right place for comments.

    1. Hi Sylvia
      Yes this is it - glad the notes made sense to you. Look forward t seeing more from you now. Gloria.


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