Wednesday, 21 December 2016

How to leave a comment update

Hi everyone

Earlier I asked Bob if he would check the instructions on how to leave a comment & then leave one for me.  He was successful.

But he noticed a difference in the wording o my tutorial & the actual screen.  I had stated that when you had typed your comment to select the "post as" box, & then select Anonymous & then click on "post comment".  The option in that box now reads - "Publish".

I have accordingly changed the tutorial & the change is marked in red.

I will also repeat here - that your comment does not immediately appear in the bllog.  It appears in a list of comments that only I can see & I have to select it to be published.

I chose this method because there used to be people who would come across blogs like ours & then leave unconnected & sometimes unpleasant comments.  This way none of them get through to your pages of the blog.

Another recent problem was that Blogger - through whom I create the blog - made some changes to the area n the background of the blog where I write all my posts & add photos etc.  They changed the first screen that I see when I sign on & the comments page used to be on that screen - now it is hidden in a sub-menu.  So until I discovered this change any comments being left were not being seen by me & therefore not published.  I have now sorted that area as well, & I did mention it in a post a few weeks ago when I apologised to those ladies who had left comments.

Hope this helps - but please let me know either by email or at meetings if you are still experiencing problems.

night night.

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