Wednesday, 18 January 2017

a birthday card

Good afternoon everyone.

Before I show you the card can I just say - please go & look at a comment left by Dot under the part 5 of "Christmas cards received".  Click HERE

The birthday card I have to show you today is for one of my sisters-in-law who will be 80 later this month.  After giving it some thought I decided to go with one colour & chose gold as it is a special birthday.

There isn't any stamping on this one - but every so often I have to make a card that doesn't include stamping & this was one of those occasions.

I am pleased with the result - it uses quite a few different textures which seem to have fitted well together.

In fact, I was so pleased I have already made the one for my other sister-in-law who will be 80 in November.  I will show you that one tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the first meeting for 2017 of the Mold club - it will be so nice to see everyone again.
That's all from me today - 'bye for now.


  1. omg you are well ahead a card made for November already, does this mean you may of started your Christmas cards?

    1. Hi Rita - I madde that November card because it was similar to the January one & thought it best to make it while the creativity flowed. I do have ideas for Christmas cards, so perhaps it won't be too long before I start. :)


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