Sunday, 8 January 2017

Bob's birthday card & a chat

Good evening everyone.

Today I have been busy again sorting my craft room & the new book case is now sorted & full plus all the boxes are labelled.  That was fun.  A little while ago I bought myself a Dymo machine for this purpose & it does make the boxes look good plus I can easily read what it says is in them.  But I took most of the afternoon to do just that bookcase because it was so fiddly getting the back off of the sticky tape.  I had to stop tidying things away because I couldn't remember what some of the boxes had in them - so when I found items I knew I had already boxed I had to do a long search for it unless it was obvious.  Another job for tomorrow is to label the boxes on the other book cases.

So my computer desk is now nice & tidy. I have cleared that of any crafting things, but the bed is covered still & there is quite a bit on my craft desk.  So more sorting tomorrow - it won't take long to sort the craft desk, as I now know where the things go that are on it.

Now that birthday card;

I went for the box framed card that I now refer to as Carolyn's card.  I had cut most of the pieces for it at the last club meeting of Mold II, I was left with the images & the putting together to do.  In the frame is a die cut train engine (I had used it before Christmas on a friends card).  For this card I die cut 2 of the carriages in shrink plastic, shrunk them down, then used gold gilding wax on them to change their colour.  To finish I die cut Happy Birthday, & used a peel off "Husband"  (oops! that doesn't sound good does it!)  :)

The other thing I did today was photograph the handmade Christmas cards that we had received. At the moment the photos are on my tablet so tomorrow, another job, is to transfer them to my laptop ready for editing & then showing them to you on the blog.

I hope you have been having a good weekend, that is me for today.

I have just read this through before publishing it.  It seems like I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.

'Bye for now.

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