Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Christmas cards received - part 1

Good morning ladies

This morning I have the first set of photos of the handmade Christmas cards that we received.  So that I don't overload the page it will take me about 6 posts to show them all to you.  Some computers can handle a lot of photos in one go, but for some it makes them slower - so hopefully I have found the right level.

I have taken these photos with my tablet & the idea is that if they came out well I would be bringing my tablet to the club nights to take the photos of your work.  Seeing as I seem to have got it about right it will hopefully eradicate the fuzzy photos that I have sometimes taken in the past.

Joan from Mold club remarked at the last meeting that the name plates I put beside the work, so as to identify who made them, is hard to read on the blog because the writing is small.  Of course that is made worse if I don't take a clear picture.  So I am doing new name plates in clearer larger lettering for the new year.

Right! now back to the final (!) day of sorting.
More Christmas cards tomorrow.
'Bye for now.

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