Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Just chatting

Good evening everyone - what a murky day it has been today.

I have been working on a few birthday cards today & very pleased with how they are coming along. I think looking at them I must be in my simplistic mode at the moment.  I will show them to you when they are completely finished.

Last night I was at the first meeting of this year for my HSNW club.  We have an AGM because we are committee run, so there is quite a lot of business to cover. Then afterwards one of the members or one of the committee members usually gives a little demo on soe technique or other, to get us all back into stamping mode again.

The demo last night was using bleach with stamps, & I haven't tried that in ages so felt inspired to have a try this morning - but I was foiled.  None of the coloured card I tried would bleach out.  I only had a bottle of thick bleach in the cupboard & it is actually the cheapest of cheap that does the work. I now have cheap bleach on my shopping list for tomorrow so I can have another go.

It's funny how things come around again, isn't it?

Perhaps there is something we did a while ago that you would like to revisit.  If so let me know at the next meeting.

Right, tme to toy up my work space & think about dinner.
More tomorrow - bye for now.

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