Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Mold photos - late entry 3

Good morning ladies - how are you all?

I call these coupe of posts "late entry" because they are the photos of members cards that were not completed at the time of the meeting, but they kindly remember to send me a photo when hey are finished.

Today's photos are from Sheelagh of Mold club.  As a reminder this is the photo I shared after the meeting;

I mentioned that Sheelagh had got so carried away with decorating that she decorated the front of the inner piece.  Son ow we can see how she finished the card;

It looks to me as if Sheelagh was able to remove the topper from the front of the insert & place it on the real outer of the card - but of course it may be another topper.  I love all the work on the inside - it's beautiful.  Thank you for sending it in Sheelagh.

Right - I am off to make some thank you cards.
More from me tomorrow.  'Bye!

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