Saturday, 21 January 2017

Mold photos - part 2

Good afternoon ladies

Before I show you the Mold photos I would like to share with you an email I had from Joanna of Mold club following me writing the post about their Show & Tell handbags....................

"Hi Gloria

Hope you don't mind me proof-reading your blog post!! ;)
It's something I can't help doing as it's been a big part of my job here 
in our website design business.
I'm just looking at the bags post and noticed this:

"Joan:  Reminded e of a nag I had back in the 60's"

(made *m*e smile thinking of you and a nag!)"

............... here is my reply ...............

"Hi Joanna
Firstly  I have no problem at all with you proof reading  
Secondly I probably did have a nag back then - I like the bracketed comment above)  made me smile.
I am having quite a bit of trouble at the moment with my laptop keyboard.
I am not 100% sure whether it is the keyboard or my fingering when typing.
The letter 'm' is one of the worst keys.
I couldn't have re-read that bit

I decided to show this here - because I really don't have a problem if anybody spots mistakes. But I really do have a problem at the moment & the letter M - really is the worst of the letters that don't do what I want.  You wouldn't believe sometimes how long it takes me to write a post - between key problems & normal mistakes.  I spell check & I reread - but - errors still get through at times.

Now! down to the photos - the project was the twist & pop up card;

Sheelagh was so absorbed in making her card that she decorated as you see above - but it was supposed to sit inside a base card.  So she said she would still put it inside a base card to make hers a little unique.  It's a great design Sheelagh.

Clare has produced a really clean & simple design for her card & still has to put the detail on the inside.

Actually there were several ladies who didn't complete their card - so I hope to either receive emails with the photos or them being brought along to the next meeting.

Don't you just love these little owls on Yvonne's card?  So bright & cheerful.

Rhiannon's card features those lovely "Gorjuss" images. Absolutely love the colour of the front focal image.

I did take a photo of the front of Joan's card - but it wasn't a clear image.  The front was just decorated with the same paper as inside, & again there is the decoration still to go on this one.

Lovely clean design from Maureen with beautiful butterflies.  They are a favourite of Maureens & quite often feature in her cards.

This really is a nice cad to make & not so complicated as it first looks, plus I have simplified the instructions somewhat.  I look forward to seeing the others later.

Have a lovely weekend everyone - I think we are promised some sunshine for tomorrow which will be nice.

'Bye for now - have fun.

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