Friday, 24 February 2017

A technique revisited

Good afternoon everyone.

I do hope you all survived Doris & your properties are safe & sound.  Gosh didn't it blow & rain? The rain kept waking me up in the night - so a bit sleepy when it was time to get up, & I had a rubber stamping workshop to do.

The photos to show you today are from a technique I have been revisiting, in order to demonstrate it at my HSNW club next month.  The technique is - resist.  HSNW has some new members who have never done this technique so that is the reason I am showing it.

I decided to create a sample of the versions that I have chosen by using tags (labels). It is quite a nice way to actually make a techniques keepsake as the tags can be held together with a book ring.

These few tags were cut from glossy card - actually it was some 6x4 photo card I had.  The inking & stamping works well on them - but embossing causes the shiny part of the card to lift from the smooth side.  So not a brilliant finish.  But I will still show them as it is good to show what doesn't work as well as what does work.  I think a smooth coated card may have been better.  The thing with shiny or glossy card & paper is that the colours are far more vibrant.

This group are the ones done on plain card.  You can see that the 2 black finish ones do not show the underlying colours quite so vibrantly as on the glossy card versions.

I am thinking of revisiting this technique with our clubs as well as it is quite a log time since with did this.

Well, here we are at another weekend so I am hoping you have some great things to do & it does look like Doris has left us.  Have a great weekend, have fun & stay safe.

'Bye for now.

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