Thursday, 2 February 2017

CSNW photos

Good afternoon ladies

Oh my gosh where has this morning gone!  I have been busy but didn't realise the time I had gone by so.

This afternoon I have some photos for you from last night's CSNW meeting & they are of their Show & Tell - which was to make a handbag.

This lovely floral card by Ruth has a nice square handle & she did not use a template for the bag. 

Love this pink paper that Grace has used for her little handbag.  Pink thread was used for the handle & some bling around the edges.

Gwen's beautiful blue bag has some stamping on it ni a paler blue & that lovely clasp is a resin style button & it has an organza ribbon for the handle.  
Gwen threaded 2 brads through the button holes to embellish it.  Great idea.
We should all be looking at our buttons in a different light now.

Joan found a different shape for her lovely blue bag & the flower medallions adorning it are stamped.

Well done again ladies they are really lovely.

There will not be any photos of their project for the evening - which was the twist & pop up card, as none of them had decorated them.  So they took the undecorated home with them & I hope they will come back next month fully decorated, or possibly new ones made.

It was a lovely evening & there was lots of chat to catch up on after the Christmas break.  But - oh what a journey home I had.  When I drove from the centre down to the roundabout for the A55 the slip road was closed.  I didn't really see what the diversion signs were saying but I knew what was usually the way around this.  So I went up onto the A55 going away from home, came off at the next exit, over the top of the A55 & back down the way home.  You know they do put those diversion signs for a reason.  When I got to what was my original starting point - it wasn't the slip road that was closed but the A55 - so I had to follow their diversion signs.

I did think of going a way I knew - which would have been into St. Asaph, along by Tweedmill & along to Mold or eventually up onto the A55, although I didn't know how much of it was closed..  But it is quite a country road & I didn't fancy it in the dark.  So, I followed the diversion.  Well, I was taken through part of Prestatyn, out to Dyserth, through Trelawnyd, way out in the sticks (long dark roads with fields each side) & finally came out by the roundabout at McDonald's by Holywell.  Then I could get back on the A55.  I have eeb along that route at other times going places but never in the dark - so I wasn't really sure where bends & dips were.  Never mind though - I arrived home safely even if a later than usual.

That's my story of woe & all the stamping news I have for today.  More tomorrow.

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  1. My hubby was caught up in that diversion the other day too - coming home from Denbigh was a very convoluted journey!


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