Thursday, 9 February 2017

just chatting

Good morning ladies

Just popping in for a chat today as Bob & I will be out later meeting up with a friend of his from early schooldays.  We will be having a meal & a long chat so by the time we get back home it will probably be a little on the late side for blogging.

But this morning I have had some crafting help from Bob.  He kindly test drove part of the instructions I have been writing for a project you will be doing in May, & as he deals a lot with technical writing I thought it would be good for him to test the instructions.  It proved very useful as there was one point when a little more explanation was needed - but he produced the end result which was the important part of the test.  Some things were just a little awkward to explain & I had done some of my little drawings - but Bob suggested photographing the actual step, which made sense.  So some pictorial changes to be made to the notes.  It only goes to show 2 heads are better than 1.

Tomorrow I have my three-some rubber stamping group at the garden centre & I am using them as guinea pigs for cards I have lined up for you in March.  I will be putting the details on your programme pages over the weekend, along with photographs.

OK - that is all from me for now - must get ready to go out.  Hope you have a nice day too.

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