Thursday, 30 March 2017

mold II photos - part 2

Good evening ladies - sorry this is a bit late in the evening.

I have, this time, the second set of photos from the Mold II club night on Tuesday & they are of their project for the evening which was making the Curtain (or Drapery) cards;

Elma finished all 3 designs using some very pretty papers - I particularly love the swirly pattern of this last one.

Carolyn completed 2 of the designs using a very pretty silvery grey colour & that embossed card on the bottom one really shows the drapery off well. Beautiful.

Dot also finished all 3 designs with some really pretty papers & embellishments.

Carol's 2 designs were really stunning in the dark blue. Carol was concerned that the bottom one wasn't quite right.  I think the paper was perhaps cut a different length or width - but it still makes for a great "curtain". Also on the other card - Carol has turned the design around with the long lengths on the right rather than the left.

Annette has finished one of the designs - that chocolate & pink paper is quite dramatic. Very nice card.

Christine embellished her pretty blue curtain card with a nice bit of bling & like Carol she has turned her design around to have the long length on the right rather than the left.

That happens depending on which side of the base paper you put the markings & cut out the lower portion.  Looks good either way.

I think there might be some more appearing next month when the other designs have been finished. 

I must point out here - that all 3 folding designs were finished by everyone - but it wasn't possible for all 3 designs to be completed on a card.  Well not for everyone.

Well done ladies. It is surprising what a little piece of pleated paper will produce.

That's me for today - or should I say tonight.
'Bye for now - night, night.

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