Friday, 10 March 2017

special card

Good afternoon everyone

The special card I have to show you this afternoon is a non-stamped card.  Yes! I did say non-stamping.

Sometimes it is not so easy to find stamps to suit an occasion, although this particular one I had found out about the event a little late - so went for the quickest way to produce a card & get it posted.

A couple of weeks ago my goddaughter had a baby girl - this was a very long awaited for event, & her & her husband are absolutely delighted. So is my friend my goddaughter's mother

Here is the card;

It is rather cute.

Sadly at the same time I had received some sad news & needed to make one of these cards

A very dear elderly colleague who sadly passed away after a fall.  She will be sadly missed.
I guess this is what they mean by the circle of life.

That is it for now. Back in a little while with a member showcase.


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