Monday, 10 April 2017

Just chatting

Good heavens where has the time gone - my last post was on Thursday!

Oops, early forgot - good evening ladies.  How are you all?  I hope you had a really nice weekend with that lovely weather.

What have I been up to?  For the life of me I cannot recall what kept me so occupied on Friday other than getting some paperwork ready for my club meeting at HSNW tonight.

Saturday, as it was such a beautiful day, Bob & I took the day off & so we jumped in the car & went where the whim took us.  👫  We had a beautiful drive out in the country lanes away from the busy main roads.  There is such beautiful countryside to look at here in North Wales we never tire of it. Our journey of just turning down roads to see where they went eventually took us in to Snowdonia. At one point we had headed towards Bedgellert where we thought we would stop for a snack, but it was so busy we couldn't find anywhere to park so we kept going. Eventually we spotted a rather nice little pub called Cwellty Arms in Rhydd Ddu -- I don't remember driving through that way before.

I found this photo of it on the Internet.
Had a great snack lunch

We took just the same sort of circuitous route home.
Then spoilt ourselves & went out for our evening meal too.  Oh! the diet.

Yesterday with it being another lovely day - I took time to sort out the garden, it was badly in need of a good tidy & working out what new plants were needed.  

Today I spent time working on some club samples, & writing notes & preparing programme sheets. Then heading off to my HSNW club night meeting.

So that's where my weekend disappeared to - how about yours!

That's me for tonight - sorry there was nothing about crafting & stamping - I will see if I can do better tomorrow. 😊


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