Monday, 22 May 2017



A couple of days ago I had an email from Dot of Mold II club.

I am going to print it here - so you can see clearly what she said, and it also makes sure I don't make a mistake by retyping it;

"Hi Gloria
I have just opened up my E-mail and found an email from yourself saying:   good afternoon DKedgeley 

then it shows a link for me to open up called: 

Do you think someone has hacked into your email and used your contact list?"

Well it is possible that my list has been compromised - but nobody else has reported it - & sometimes it is just a casual pick up in some way.

If you do get this email - IT IS NOT FROM ME - so JUST DELETE IT.  Looking at the link I think the name would make me stop.  scary!  quite possibly.

Another indicaion it is not from me - I would have said --  "good afternoon Dot"

I don't think the link here in this post is active - but just to be sure - don't click on it.

Take care.

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